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Nov 12, 2012 8:00pm PST
it in the viewfinder. >> first i want to thank mitt romney. governor, i admire your tenacity. you got 48% of the vote. even though watching you run for president was like watching someone with roller skates trying to climb stairs. >> oh, darn it. darn it all to heck. >> the good news is that obama won. the bad news, only 39% of whites voted for him. that's the pattern. white people vote for white people like it's going out of style. and like most things that white people do, it's going out of style. >> what's next for you father? >> oh, i don't know. there is so much i want to see and do. i'd like to learn how mayonnaise is made. [ the simpsons ♪ >> hello, mitt. >> hello, karl rove. >> i still think you can win ohio. look, now might not be the best time but could i borrow $300 million? >> what were you doing? >> i went to l.a. >> working woman next to al roker who is a man in the world. >> do you see anything in porn that attracts you at all. >> no, pat. these questions that you ask me, i'm going it really-- >> can you do me a favor before we let you go, and can you perform for us a call. >> yeah,
Nov 13, 2012 9:00am PST
-election and seemed like leaders in congress were going to be more willing to compromise, governor romney was sounding a bipartisan theme even during the election. even before, some people would argue the president has a mandate, some wouldn't, bipartisanship was what was persuading the most voters on the trail. after the election there's probably going to be more incentive to strike that note. >> or people will say romney failed with that message time to us to love to zoo lover, gummy bear aficionado and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> some would say romney failed by having too many messages but he hit his stride when he moved into bipartisanship. that was the message that worked for him, against the president, and what they stuck with when he eeked up on the president but didn't quite make it. >> how will the progressive wing of the president's base react to this? we know there was information from "des moines register" interview where the president talked about a grand bargain, that stoked the ire of some on the left do not play your cards on this before there is a deal cut. don't giv
Nov 13, 2012 3:00pm EST
on. second, it was coupled during the campaign with governor romn romney's hope of further tax breaks across the board, which is not likely to happen. don't you agree that just by itself the bucket of deductions would give congress something to hide behind because they don't have to pick and choose? they let the taxpayers choose it. as robert frank pointed out, it raises money. >> i don't think the taxpayers and people that voted in the election want congress to hide behind anything. i think we voted for a platform that wants taxes raised on high-income earners. that's what we voted for, and that's what we want. we don't want any copouts. we don't want congress to be able to hide behind anything. >> who has $25,000 in deductions anyway? >> people who have child income tax credit. it almost gets them all the way up to that $25,000. for example, students who rely on tuition credit, they wouldn't be able to do that if they were a student who had children as well. >> all right. skr justin, we got to pick on you now as well. the president feels he has a mandate. he won campaigning to do aw
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Nov 13, 2012 1:00am PST
the president but romney got 2% fewer votes than john mccain. by any measure a poor performance for governor romney. mccain was run fwhoog a recession. it's more about romney's failure to build on mccain's votes than obama doing anything. mr. obama won the woman vote. blacks and asians but waits the hispanic vote that really nailed romney. 71% of la teen yoz voted for the president. that is the difference in florida, virginia, colorado, nevada. other states as well. romney took white males and independents by a significant margin but when you bunch it up, it was an entitlement vote this year, american families earning less than $30,000 a year broke big for the president. 62% to 35. it was clear left wing ideology did not win the day for barack obama. big spending on federal programs did. that is the key. because many in the media would have us believe liberal ideology was confirm bid this election. it was not. however, however, secularism is certainly eroding traditional power, those americans attend religious services voted for romney 59%39%. problem is church going is on the decline. here
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Nov 12, 2012 7:00pm PST
. we'll check back in with john oliver. the combination of a decades long battle between governor mitt romney of massachusetts and current president barack obama saying from m nairobi. jessica, we'll start with you default scribe the mood that obama had described in chicago. >> it's intense, jon, everyone is glued to their computers and smart phones. >> jon: checking the polling. >> no, they're second out fund raising e-mails. jon, they're down to the wire and this campaign is saying cannot make it through in the next two hours unless everybody in this country chips in $8. >> jon: it's 11:00 p.m. on election night. >> wait a minute, i'm sorry, it's $12. apparently this costs more than they anticipated. they ordered smacks for like 10,000 people but it looks like, hold on. $15. apparently biden ordered hot wings. >> jon: really. read the elf mails. > -- e-mails.>> sure. hey girls it's joe biden. can i borrow $15 you know for some hot wings. pretty standard biden form letter. >> jon: is the romney campaign still making a push for fund raising. >> yes, jon romney needs money. it's jus
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
he said in the past. >> i have confidence that the president thought governor romney could play a significant and meaningful role. >> kiki ever the diplomatic. >>> also making news this morning -- gas rationing in new jersey is over. governor christie said that there's enough gas for drivers. drivers had been waiting in lines for hours, because a lot of those gas stations didn't have the power to pump. rationing is the still in effect in new york. meantime, 300,000 people are still without power. >>> the soldier accused of killing six afghan civilians in afghanistan, during the hearing, the defense beals couldn't have acted alone. >>> nascar driver jeff gordon being fined $100,000 for his role in a nasty wreck and a fight at a race sunday in phoenix. gordon ran into clint bowyer. causing the crash. both crews got involved in the fight. there also a fine for bowyer's crew chief. that was 25 grand. >>> planning for travel for thanksgiving? tsa is expected more than 24 million people to fly during the holiday. administrators say, travelers should visit the tas website to remind the
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
in the polls, was the president obama defeated governor romney among self-described moderates by 15 points. so this is an expression. because a lot of people would say president obama is the least centerleft. but it is all compared it. compared to governor romney, and i think really the republican party, including those statements that todd akin and murdoch made, it seemed like they were far off from the center. i also think, is an as an independent i can give advice to both parties -- [laughter] the party of ronald reagan and jack kemp, the party of upward mobility -- it didn't seem to be the republican party this year. maybe it was because of the very effective attack campaign against mitt romney being with bain capital, 47% and all that stuff. but i think hispanics and asians and a lot of women did not vote for the republican party, not just if you are hispanic or anti-immigrant, but because it didn't seem like a kind of party that was going to create a country in which you were going to have a chance to rise up. it seemed, by their own statement and the definition the democrats gave them,
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 3:00pm PST
that many miles per hours have with the federal government. governor romney battled over many things, including the food stamps. november 9, three days after the election, ohio department of job and family services announced the food stamp benefits will drop by $50 a month for 870,000 of the state's poorest citizens. starting january 1. that adds up to more than half a billion dollars out of grocery pu budget. the state appeal denied which prompted a conservative blo blogger to quip they told me if i voted for romney food stamp benefits would be cut and they were right. victoria secret annual fashion show got attention for the clothing but not the way they hoped. the native american inspired outfit floor length head dress caused outrage. navajo nation spokesman said any mockery, halloween, victoria's secret they are spitting on us and the culture. victoria's secret apologized and they edited out the segment from the broadcast. a week after the election and more than two months until inauguration day speculation is rampant who might fill the cabinet positions expected to open. some na
Nov 13, 2012 11:00am PST
reaction on camera to the loss for he and governor romney. let me play it. >> mitt didn't pick me for wisconsin or a certain state. e he picked me for issues, for taking on the debt crisis. we had hoped to win wisconsin. he fought very hard for wisconsin. we cut president obama's lead in half, but nevertheless, it wasn't enough. what it became clear to us as things went on, when virginia and ohio weren't coming together, it looked to me some time early in the evening that it just wasn't going to happen. >> that's his reflection. but moving ahead, speaker boehner was asked whether paul ryan would be the leader of the party. he referred to him as the wonky guy. what are we to make of paul ryan? >> he is the wonky guy. that was a dismissive comment that the speaker made. what he was trying to say is that he's coming back here, the same guy, as when he left. he's going to be a voice on certain issues, but he's not going to be a leader in the party. >> thank you very much. a pleasure having both of you on today. thank you. >>> coming up, john maca fee, he's wanted for questioning in th
Nov 13, 2012 2:00pm PST
persuader. i think you have those two great attributes with the former president. and governor romney, he's a problem solver, he's a business person. he knows how to read a balance sheet. he knows how to make numbers balance in a good manner. i was heartened this morning on the front page of the "new york times" when senator conrad talked about he was receptive to open-minded about this capping of deductions at the higher income level. that's one way to go at it. so that was really the thought behind the piece. >> guys, did you ever have a tree stump on your lawn you just had to get rid of so you got your neighbors all together and start hacking away and finally you had to pull the damn thing out? think of mitch mcconnell as that tree stump. there he is in the way of you cutting the lawn. he shouldn't be there. he's not growing. he's not getting any better. today mitch mcconnell did not signal a big surprise he was ready to compromise. the tree stump ain't moving. let's listen. >> the time for the president to lead is now, and that means offering a concrete plan that takes into account th
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm EST
president obama and governor romney. and that, to me, might even be the number one reason that under difficult circumstances the president did as well as he did. and so i think that's where we're going to be. i think we are a party, i think one of the reasons we lost in 2010 is average voters, incomes were declining, said they don't care about us. they're focused on other things. and i think we corrected that very well at both ends of pennsylvania avenue in 2012, and that accounted more than just about anything else for our electoral success. that's going to continue. i think there's going to be a relentless focus on helping the middle class grow. and if the middle class doesn't grow, it's a different america both economically and politically and even socially. >> [inaudible] specifically on how -- >> the senate returns today to begin its lame duck session. they plan to debate a bill to expand hunting and fishing on federal lands, a vote to move the measure forward is scheduled for 5:30 eastern. and off the floor this week senators hold closed-door meetings on the benghazi consulate
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
, and two, maybe look at the tax code, just like governor romney suggested, you look at tax code and increase revenue without increasing taxes. martha: yes, i think that that is perhaps one of the best areas that some ground might be able to be reached on. we heard from paul ryan on that, he wants to get into the issues of raising revenue. i think there is a little bit of suspicion when you talk about raising tax revenue through economic growth until that economic growth sort of starts to become evident. in terms of reforming the tax code aren't there ways to eliminate loopholes that would force the wealthy to pay more in taxes and make the whole system a little bit more efficient? >> well, i think any time you make the tax code simpler and fairer that is a good thing, if you can do that. this is one of the things we ought to be looking at. we ought to take the idea off the table that this cliff is an acceptable thing to do. divided government is a good time to solve problems, because everybody has to have their fingerprints on a real solution. if the president thinks it's going
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
in full within 18 months. america's gift headquarters. walmart. >>> governor mitt romney's former running mate says he still has a lot to do in washington. congressman paul ryan spoke to cbs affiliate wisc in his first television interview since the election. chip reid is on capitol hill. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. paul ryan may have lost his bid to be vice president, but he won re-election to his seat here in congress. and when he returns, he will still be chairman of the powerful house budget committee, and that will put him right smack in the middle of the titanic bat wltle with the president over spending and taxes. >> we were surprised at the outcome. we knew this was going to be a close race. we thought we had a very good chance of winning it. >> reporter: like so many republicans, paul ryan says that even on election day, he had no idea he and mitt romney were going to lose so decisively. >> i'm very fortunate to have had this experience, but losing never feels good. >> reporter: in his first tv interview since t
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
lose the moderates? the farther right positions governor romney was forced to take in the primary to get the nomination and he was stuck with them. lost the hispanic vote by 40 points. they need to focus on some of the social issues. they need to express themselves in a way that don't alienate suburban women. we had a senate candidate who talked about rape and how if that happened it was god's will. people listen to that and thought, "he met the representatives of me." you have to look at turning at your base. elections tend to be decided in the middle. what was it about the republican message that was not as attractive to the moderates? host: could you be a candidate for president? guest: the only thing you find in the middle of the road are dead armadillos. host: 1 and holding the money for -- what are you holding the money for ? guest: i have given away a fair amount. i have kept some. i'm 56 years old. you just never know what the future holds. i love public service and wanted to keep the option open. if the option is close, i'll give away the money on a more aggressive basis.
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm EST
-- maybe not surprisingly -- in the exit polls was that president obama defeated governor romney among self-described moderates by 15 points. so this is an expression -- you can ask a lot of complicated questions about who are they, because a lot of people would say president obama is least center left, right? but it's all comparative, and compared to governor romney, and i really think the republican party, including those statements that akin and murdoch made, seemed like they were far off from the center. and i also think -- so i'm an independent. i can give advice to both parties. >> and they don't have to take it. >> right. and they don't have to take it. the party of ronald reagan and jack kemp, the party of upward mobility, that didn't seem to be the republican party this year, and now maybe it was because of this very effective attack campaign against mitt romney being capital, 47%, all that stuff, but i think hispanics and asians and a lot of women didn't vote for the republican party, not just if you're hispanic because you think they're anti-immigrant, because it didn't seem like
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am PST
's not like governor romney got 20% of the vote. >> the margins are closer -- the republican mantra of, you know, lower taxes, don't raise taxes under any circumstances, that we should lower the rates and close unspeci unspecified loopholes, that notion, that notion lost. what won on tuesday -- >> by this much. >> no, not so much by this much. >> you lose, you lose. >> the president won with 332 electoral votes, he won by more than 3 million votes across the country. >> half the nation didn't agree with him. with all due respect, right? president won, i get it. >> it was a close election, but it was very clear. two paths, two visions. >> it's not going to put a dent in the deficit, even if you raise the taxes. >> we have to -- >> there has to be spending cuts. >> i voted last summer for the debt ceiling deal that included $1.5 trillion dollars in deficit reduction, spending cuts which included, as many democrats did also, cuts i spent my career opposing. and then i had to go home and defend those cuts to my liberal district because i know you -- it can't be my way or the highway. but if tom
Nov 13, 2012 11:00am PST
ran with governor romney. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity. it was an honor to serve with mitt romney on the ticket. it was a great experience we will cherish. we didn't win the election. didn't go our way. i congratulate the president. he won fair and square. now we got to find a way to make divided government work. >> coming up, a bizarre investigation playing out in belize. an american who pioneered the anti-virus software mcafee at the center of this investigation. he's in hiding and waiting. and wanted for questioning. up next, a reporter who just spoke with him, he'll tell us about that conversation and this story. it is developing. stay with us. [ man ] in hong kong, on my way to the board meeting... anne's tablet called my phone. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top, the board meeting became a congrats we sold the company party. wait til my wife's phone hears about this. [ cellphone vibrat
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
-election, but michele bachmann and steve king are back by popular demand, and texas governor rick perry hasn't ruled out another run. wow. >>> up next, the campaign ad that may have done the most damage to mitt romney this election, and it has nothing to do with jeep. that's ahead. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪ you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. ... now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your in
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
demand, and texas governor rick perry hasn't ruled out another run. wow. >>> up next, the campaign ad that may have done the most damage to mitt romney this election, and it has nothing to do with jeep. that's ahead. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. >>> welcome back to "hardball." over the past year we've shown you scores of political ads running the gamut from morgan freeman's dulcet tones at the end of the election cycle to the ominous voices warning of newt gingrich and rick perry presidencies during the election. one ad seems to have a lasting and damaging effect on mitt romney's chances. that ad, a low-budget spot produced for the obama super pac priorities usa, framed the narrative of mitt romney as a heartless corporate tycoon without a care for the working man. jane mayer covers politics for "the new yorker," and she has a terrific piece on the ad in this week's magazine, and joy reid is managing editor of the grio. let's begin with that ad. this is called stage. >> out of the blue one day we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built
Nov 12, 2012 9:00pm PST
's an important one. but i think -- >> but didn't the governor of pennsylvania say, when they were talking about the voter restrictions in pennsylvania saying, "this is how we're going to win pennsylvania for mitt romney"? >> well, no, there was a state senator who said that. >> excuse me, a state senator. >> this will allow mitt romney to win the election. now, the implication of that is that the suggestion was that there's such pervasive fraud that he wouldn't be able to win without it. i do not think that is correct. but i think that actually when you parse what he was saying i think that's what he meant. and i think that you're actually illustrating my point in a wonderful way. there's so much distrust that, and of course people aren't inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. let's interpret what he said i theost farae ssle light because there is legitimate distrust that is rooted in the fact that these are communities that don't generally talk to each other. >> but you know, i brought you together because both of you from different perspectives have been writing about the people at th
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)